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Over over a decade of development in wooden producing industry, Tam Minh now has become one of the most prestige outdoor furniture Producer in the central of Vietnam.

Founded in 2005, our factory is equipped with modern machinery of Italy, Taiwan and has the labor force of over 300 employees, we ensure to create good quality products meeting the high demand of European market, Australia and Japan, etc.

Acknowledging the environmental friendly standards, we have processed the Chain of Custody since 2006 and been certified SGSHK-CoC-002812 for high quality management. Therefore, our products are made from Acacia FSC TM certified and Non-FSC TM certified of licensed sources.

In 2009, Tam Minh Co., Ltd has expanded into producing woodchips to meet the increasing demand of woodchip market. At present, we are the trusted partner of many material suppliers in our region, and also have built good business relationship with many customers from Japan, China, Hongkong, Singapore.

As the results of our endeavors in business, we was ranked 12th in the ranking board of the 500 fastest – growing small & medium enterprises 2012 in Vietnam.

Last but not least, our pleasure is to give you the best products and service for your success. For this reason, please feel free to contact us for your any query.

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