Tam Minh is located in Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai province – the central coast region of Vietnam with strategic position and cultivation of acacia trees.

Total area: 12 ha, including 1 main office and 2 factories 

The furniture workshop is equipped with modern technology mainly from Italy (Paolino Bacci) and Taiwan. We currently produce outdoor furniture mainly made from Acacia with capacity of 250 container 40ft per year. 

Near two ports Da Nang port (130 kilometers) and Quy Nhon port (200 kilometers), it is very convenient for exporting.

The woodchips workshop can supply 20,000 BDMT woodchips per month. For loading woodchip, our factory is extremely close to Dung Quat port and Ky Ha port.

If you would like to visit our factory, please do not hesitate to contact us for more guide information and picking up.

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Tam Minh Investment Trade and Production Co.,Ltd

  Address: Block 19+20 Saigon-Dung Quat Industrial Division, 

                Binh Thanh Commune, Binh Son District, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam

  Tel/Fax: +84-55 3632277 - Email: tamminhqn@gmail.com - Website: www.tamminh.vn 

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